CILT Program

Camper in Leadership Training

Our CILT Program is a training program for young adults ages 15 -17 years. The training involves many aspects of camp life with hands-on experience assisting counselors in supervising and instructing campers. They can have all the fun a true summer camp experience can provide, while learning new skills and accepting greater levels of responsibility.

CILT’s will be taught a range of skills, including: appropriate supervision and discipline methods; camper age characteristics; leadership styles; job search pointers; and age appropriate program development. CILT’s will also be trained in some aspects of retail management by taking responsibility for running the camp trading post. This will involve taking inventory, making change for customers and tallying up the daily sales.

Our CILTs are an integral part of our overall summer camp program. They provide a valuable service to our camp while learning new and challenging activities. Due to their direct involvement with campers of all ages (7-14), it is imperative that all candidates be extremely responsible role models, as well as highly motivated individuals.

There is no fee for this training program and there is also no salary. Room and board is provided along with health and accident insurance. Of course, no price tag can be put on such a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and having such a fun camp experience. We ask for a minimum commitment of two consecutive weeks. We need this length of time to ensure top quality training and the chance for all CILTs to put their training into practice.


Age 15-17

High personal moral & ethical standards and conduct

Sincere interest in working with children in an outdoor setting

Good role model for campers

Ability to accept guidance and supervision

Effectively communicate with one’s peers

Ability to adhere to rules and policies

Enthusiasm, patience, initiative and sense of humor!


Attend all training sessions

Complete all assignments

Assist cabin counselors with supervision of campers

Assist program instructors with activity facilitation

Assist in camp trading post

Service projects relating to camp program, facilities, and grounds

If you feel that you, or someone you know, are both qualified and interested in applying for a CILT position, please contact Pathfinder Ranch or download a CILT Application Packet. The packet will contain all the necessary forms and information that you and your parents need to know.

You must fill out the required application form, write a short essay, and have three adults send in reference forms. When we receive all of these a telephone interview will be set up with each qualified candidate.