Classes at Science Camp

Quick Facts:

  • Average Class Size: 15 (20 student maximum)
  • Class Length: 3.5 hours (Evening Programs are roughly 1.5 hours)
  • Capacity: 160 students, plus up to 30 adults
  • Curriculum integrates components of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Lesson plans vary slightly for each instructor, but each class incorporates the following activity expectations listed below, along with BEETLES and thematic teaching strategies

Our diverse curriculum offers teachers a variety of options to select from based on their needs and expectations for their students. Classes are divided into overarching themes (e.g. Ascent, Ecology), and from there each academic theme can include two concepts that help narrow the class to certain content and activities. CCSS and NGSS performance expectations will be included in these descriptions in the future. The adventure themes can include anywhere from one to three activities depending on the chosen theme. Refer to the Curriculum Request in the Registration Packet for those specific options. On the Final Info sheet of the Attendance Rosters, teachers can request specific topics, scientific processes, and activities for each selected theme. Our instructors will create a focus for the class based on these teacher requests. Instructors will do their best to accommodate teacher requests. Each study group’s experience will vary somewhat based on the students’ background knowledge, group dynamic, adult chaperone assistance, class size, and instructor’s teaching style. However, our instructors ensure their students are learning similar content, having fun, and staying safe. More resources and information will be posted to our website in the future so that teachers can better incorporate our curriculum with their own classroom instruction. We hope you’re able to connect what the students are learning and doing up here back to their lives at school and at home!


Curriculum List 


Theme Descriptions

Cultural History
Earth’s Resources
Wilderness Skills

Multi-Group Activities & Evening Programs

Lorax & Town Meeting
Mad Science Fair
Skit Night
Night Hike
Predator & Prey


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