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Working at Pathfinder Ranch can be a truly valuable and rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to affect the lives of children by providing a safe environment for them to learn, grow and have fun. You will also become part of a family that believes if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

How to apply:

  • Review the detailed job descriptions for each available position by clicking the appropriate links below.
  • Complete either our online application or paper application.
    • If you are completing the online application and wish to submit a resume, please have your resume ready prior to starting the online application process.
Food Service Coordinator

Under the supervision of the Food Service Manager, the Food Service Coordinator assists with general operations of the Food Service Department. The major responsibilities of this position include the following but are not limited to:

  • Assist in coordinating menus and schedules (including menus for those with dietary restrictions)
  • Coordinate with other departments in program planning
  • Assist with routine and special event services
  • Assist with the inventory and order of supplies
  • Comply with food subsidy program requirements
  • Assist with personnel orientation, evaluation, scheduling and management
  • Maintain accurate kitchen records and logs
  • Ensure the security and safety of food service facilities and equipment
  • Disseminate all pertinent information to department employees
  • Ongoing communication with the Food Service Manager for policy and standards direction, departmental development and relevant business
  • Provide positive public relations on behalf of Pathfinder Ranch and serve as the liaison between the Ranch and client groups
  • Comply with Health and Fire Department regulations, organizational policies and accreditation standards
  • Other duties as assigned

When calling about your application, please ask for Shannon at extension 28.

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Facilities and Grounds Technician

Under the supervision of the Facilities and Grounds Manager, the Facilities and Grounds Technician maintains safety, cleanliness and functionality of all structures and outdoor spaces of the organization. The major responsibilities of this position include the following but are not limited to:

  • Repair and maintain equipment, furnishings, structures and automotive equipment
  • Clean indoor spaces such as restrooms, dormitories and conference areas (mop, sweep, vacuum, dust, scrub toilets/sinks/showers, remove trash, and clean windows)
  • Clean and landscape outdoor spaces (sweeping, trash removal, trimming and mowing)
  • Perform new construction including plumbing, electrical, carpentry and painting
  • Complete all required logs and documentation
  • Monitor and maintain all building systems such as plumbing, electric, alarms and heating/cooling
  • Secure designated areas, equipment and supplies
  • Maintain continuous inventory of supplies and report needs
  • Comply with all health and safety standards including those of the Organization, Public Health Department and other governing entities
  • Report unusual occurrences or damage
  • Other duties as assigned

When calling about your application, please ask for Lawrence at extension 13. 

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Health Service Coordinator

Under the supervision of the Program Managers, the Health Service Coordinator (HSC) provides and oversees health services
for client groups, assists with program and policy development, and assists with other program administration as
needed. The major responsibilities include:

  • Provide positive public relations and serve as a spokesperson on behalf of Pathfinder Ranch
  • Serve as the medical liaison between Pathfinder Ranch and clients
  • Ensure compliance with camp policies, accreditation standards, and health and safety codes
  • Continuously evaluate health and safety policies and procedures and provide feedback to the Program Manager for
    potential changes to manuals and staff trainings
  • Help train and monitor other program employees to ensure adherence of policies and procedures
  • Participate in weekly program meetings to communicate medical-related updates
  • Aid in creating and enforcing risk management procedures
  • Conduct monthly program area safety inspections
  • Inspect medical facilities and equipment for functionality and safety
  • Provide medical care to clients and Ranch employees as needed
  • Maintain accurate medical records and logs
  • Assist with program and facility-related projects
  • Create a medical supply budget, maintain/organize the supplies, and submit supply requests to the Program
  • Assist with emergency response procedures in case of an alarm or other emergency

When calling about your application, please ask for Ryan at extension 12.

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