Summer Camp Employment

Coming Soon!

We expect to publish this information in November 2018

2019 Employment Dates: TBD


Who Are Our Campers?

We are proud to serve a diverse population. Our campers are primarily from Southern California and Southern Nevada, with many of these campers coming from the Boys and Girls Clubs. We also serve international groups who bring their campers to us for a week of summer camp tradition.

You may also contact us at 951-659-2455 ext. 17 with questions



How to Apply

  1. Read through the position descriptions to see which job interests you the most.
  2. Complete our online application. You will need to upload a copy of your resume and a brief cover letter during the application so have those documents ready to upload.


Summer Camp Positions 


Cabin Counselors:
Responsibilities include the safety and well being of each assigned camper. Counselors develop individual relationships with each camper providing opportunities for personal growth and positive group living experiences. The counselor is responsible for campers in the cabins, during meals and evening programs, and assisting in program areas during the day. Cabin sizes may range from 10-13 campers each week. Cabin Counselors will be cross trained in several of our program areas  


Lodge Counselors Counselor: 
Responsibilities include assisting with planning, coordinating, and carrying out activities for each cabin group and guiding Campers in their personal growth and daily living skills. Lodge Counselors may also choose one program area to specialize in and may be cross trained on several areas. Each specialized lodge counselor must have  knowledge and experience in their specific program area and the ability to effectively pass this knowledge along to their peers and children. 

The program areas are as follows:

    • Aquatics (Pool and Canoeing)
    • Archery
    • Creative Arts (Arts ‘n Crafts, Photography, Drama)
    • Team Challenge 
    • Equine (Horseback Riding, Horsemanship)
    • Hiking (X-Club, Outdoor Skills, Backpacking)
    • Rock Climbing 


Team Lead:

Team leads assist and support the Summer Camp Coordinator in organizing and administering the overall program. These individuals provide advice, help, and support to all members of the general staff team. “Ad Staff” members assist in pre-camp/training, provide help with program areas, discipline, counseling and cabin activities, and act as constant role models for both staff members and campers. Leadership or supervisory experience is required. Must be at least 21 years of age. 

Lead: Cabin Life

  • Prepare training, and advise cabin counselors in proper techniques and procedures of counseling and care of campers
  • Supervise and evaluate cabin life, always offering support, positive guidance and experiences for growth
  • Organize counselor schedules for cabin assignments, free time, evening activities, etc.

Lead: Rec. Activities 

  • Prepare training, and advise specialists in proper teaching techniques, and successful preparation procedures for their individual programs
  • Supervise and evaluate program facilitation, always offering support, guidance and assistance in growth and improvement
  • Organize instructors schedules for free time, evening activities, etc.

Lead: Teen Leadership Program

  • Implement the leadership program for young adults ages 15 – 17, establishing a team atmosphere and teaching basic camp counseling techniques and completing camp service projects.
  • In cooperation with the cabin counselors and instructors, supervise, advise, and evaluate eight C.I.L.T.s and 8 JCs each week.
  • Manage Trading Post (camp snack bar) including controlling inventory.


Program Assistant: 

Program Assistants facilitate adventure activities, assist with program projects, and provide for the health, well-being, and facility needs of campers. Program assistants work in our infirmary, are on call overnight, and assist the Summer Camp Coordinator with various tasks throughout the day. Leadership and healthcare experience are required.