Science Classes – Cultural History

Cultural History

Archaeological Dig Site

Archaeological Dig Site

There is a unique history of multiple cultures that has helped shape Garner Valley and the local San Jacinto Mountains. This topic will explore the history of the Cahuilla Band of Indians and their connection to the local landscape. In the Ethnobotany concept, students will explore the local environment while identifying modern and traditional uses of local plants. Traditional hunting tools and safety precautions will be covered before students practice shooting skills such as precision in the hands-on Archery concept. Students will develop inferences and study artifacts while investigating the local history of the Cahuilla, gold miners, and cattle ranchers in Archaeology. In the Fire Ecology concept, students will learn about the local chaparral ecosystem, plant adaptations to fire, and how these factors related to the local inhabitants. Every concept in this topic will help students gain a better understanding of Garner Valley’s unique cultural history, and how the environment played a large factor in people’s life styles and their survival.


Based on the teacher’s concept selections, each class will include the following…

  • Ethnobotany- Introduction to the Cahuilla people, the importance of plants in traditional and contemporary societies, and a hands-on activity demonstrating traditional uses of local plants.
  • Archaeology- Making inferences and observations during a scientific investigation into past cultures, and participating in a simulated archeological dig.
  • Archery- Learn about traditional hunting tools, and practice shooting skills.
  • Fire Ecology- Investigate the flammability of local plants, the importance of fire to traditional and contemporary societies, and how fire has influenced the local chaparral ecosystem.