Science Classes – Ecology


Freshwater Sampling

Freshwater Sampling

Ecology is the scientific study of the relationships that living organisms have with each other and their natural environments. In Animal Ecology and Forest Ecology, students will learn about interdependence between local species and their surroundings, plus adaptations for survival. The characteristics of our local pine forest and chaparral ecosystem are discussed in the Forest Ecology and Fire Ecology concepts. Water as a limiting factor, the water cycle, and water quality can be connected from the Freshwater Ecology concept to these other concepts. The Ecology topic can address a wide variety of subjects depending on the concepts chosen, but no matter the selection, students will get a better sense of how living things interact with each other and survive in our local environment.


Based on the teacher’s concept selections, each class will include the following…

  • Animal- Interdependence between animals and their environment plus visit our Nature Center to discuss animal adaptations.
  • Forest- Photosynthesis, plus systems and cycles within a forest.
  • Fire Ecology- Investigate the flammability of local plants, plant adaptations to fire, and how fire has influenced the local chaparral ecosystem.
  • Freshwater- Investigate freshwater habitats, water cycle, water quality testing, and water conservation.