Science Classes – Hikes


Land Bridge

Land Bridge

Each hike has a different spin, focus, or destination. They also have different distances, elevation gain, and overall difficulty. Throughout the Gold Mine Hike, instructors will discuss the gold mining history of this area. The hike culminates in the opportunity to visit a gold mining archaeological site, and investigate gold mining artifacts. During the Rock Point Hike, instructors usually discuss the local natural and cultural history of Garner Valley. Some of the breaks, including the top of Rock Point, provide gorgeous views of the valley where Pathfinder sits. Our other option of the Land Bridge Hike is the easiest in terms of difficulty, but still provides a good challenge and just as amazing views. Instructors plan engaging activities such as guided explorations, time to reflect and record their thoughts, or even observation games during breaks. No matter the hike, they are amazing opportunities for students to explore our local mountains and the beautiful scenery. Instructors take note of interesting things along the way from yucca blooming to the surrounding mountain ranges. Instructors will take breaks frequently for hikers to rest, refill water bottles, and use the “facilitrees” (a.k.a. outdoor bathroom). Hikes can reinforce what students have already learned and what they will learn while at Pathfinder Ranch.


Each hike will include the following…

  • Appreciation of the natural world through sensory awareness activities.
  • Time for unstructured exploration and reflection.
  • Instructors can refer to the Resource Manual for a general history timeline of Garner Valley.