Science Classes – Lorax & Town Meeting

Lorax & Town Meeting

Lorax Play

Lorax Play

Lorax & Town Meeting begins with the Pathfinder thespians performing the classic environmental fable of the Once-ler and the Lorax. At the conclusion of the story, the students take part in a town meeting to determine the fate of the last truffula seed. Each study group represents different interest groups concerned about their town’s future. Each group presents their arguments of what they’d do with the last seed, listen to the other groups’ arguments, ask questions of various groups, and then give concluding statements that address the other groups’ questions or issues regarding their plans. The students are challenged in this public debate setting to work together to present their arguments, explore different perspectives of environmental issues, use public speaking skills, and work within a local town meeting format. Even within the groups, there is a lot discussion, compromise, and problem solving that occurs before each round of presentations. This is a great culminating day activity or as an evening program.


This class will include…

  • Public speaking and debate.
  • Discussion surrounding environmental ethics and human impact on the natural world.
  • Demonstration of public policy and decision making processes.