Science Classes – Permaculture


Goat Pen

Goat Pen

Permaculture guides all aspects of human society to mimic natural processes, thereby building a stronger and more sustainable cohesion between man-made and natural environments. Depending on the chosen concepts, thePermaculture topic could focus on topics such as animal interactions, sustainability, energy flow through systems, gardening, and human interaction with the natural environment. During Horseback Riding, students are given an introduction to our horse program before riding through the local forest, and observing the differences between natural and human-made landscapes. Horseback Riding is paired with another concept such as Farm, which allows students an opportunity to interact with farm animals and learn about animal products. Farm Energetics applies energy topics to our farm, and allows students to investigate energy transfer and energy resources needed to run a farm. At theGarden, students will look at the process and energy transfer of farm to plate, photosynthesis, and sustainable gardening practices. The Permaculture topic provides hands-on experiences with our horses, farm, and/or garden that promotes investigation into plants, animals, sustainability, and energy cycles.


Based on the teacher’s concept selections, each class will include the following…

  • Horseback Riding- Riding safety, general horse information, and trail ride.
  • Farm- Interactions with Pathfinder Ranch’s domesticated animals, and an introduction to animal husbandry and animal products.
  • Garden- Hands-on learning activities in the garden, the importance of plants for survival, and potentially a sampling of seasonal produce.
  • Farm Energetics- Interactive energy activities that help a farm and/or garden operate sustainably.