Science Classes – Wilderness Skills

Wilderness Skills

Fire & Shelter Building

Fire & Shelter Building

From building shelters in Survival Skills to learning which fuel will quickly start a fire in Fire Ecology, learning to use the land wisely is a valuable and fascinating lesson for students. The Wilderness Skills topic encourages an understanding of using available resources in the local environment. Beyond that, students will learn how to read maps and use a compass in Orienteering. Students can learn about hunting materials, shooting techniques, safety, and precision skills in Archery. This topic helps students become better aware of their surroundings, and understand some important skills to safely participate in many outdoor activities.


Based on the teacher’s concept selections, each class will include the following…

  • Survival Skills- Outdoor activity safety, preparation, and equipment, plus practicing survival techniques such as shelter building.
  • Fire Ecology- Investigate the flammability of local plants, demonstrate or discuss different ways to build and start a fire, and the importance of fire to traditional and contemporary societies.
  • Orienteering- Basic map reading and use of a compass on a compass course.
  • Archery- Learn about traditional hunting tools, and practice shooting skills.