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Please contact  Pathfinder Ranch’s Outdoor Education Program provides meaningful learning experiences that are safe and fun for all participants to build their conservation awareness, knowledge base, and confidence in order to become more responsible global citizens.

The Outdoor Education Program began in the 1970’s and has since developed into a premier program of its kind in southern California. Close cooperation and coordination with schools ensures a high quality program year after year.

We offer a wide variety of both academic and recreational courses to schools, primarily targeted at grades 5 and 6. We not only support students’ academic success, but help them build the necessary skills like communication, perseverance, and problem solving that are critical to their future success as adults. Our challenging and engaging curriculum uses experiential methods to connect with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Our curriculum and the experiences cannot be duplicated in a classroom. However, we make every effort to accommodate teacher requests for particular curriculum so they can apply the experiences and knowledge back at school and home.

Our group capacity varies throughout the year due to seasonal. Generally, we are able to accommodate groups of up to 150 students. We also offer 1 and 2-day trips for smaller groups. Please call our office (951-659-2455) or email [email protected] with any questions about availability and making a reservation. Spots fill up quickly on a first come first served basis.”

General Services & Expectations

The Pathfinder Ranch Outdoor Education Program is a cooperative effort between the participating groups and the Ranch. The following outlines the services and responsibilities of Pathfinder Ranch as well as the responsibilities of the visiting group. Please review this carefully when planning your trip and recruiting volunteer chaperones.

Pathfinder Ranch Provides:

  • Individual contact and schedule coordination with each school
  • Informational meetings for parents and students
  • Orientation and support materials for classroom teachers
  • Qualified, enthusiastic instructors
  • Class and activity facilitation
  • Meal hosts
  • Basic medical services such as first aid and CPR if requested by the school on the Registration Packet
  • Facilities and food service
  • Secondary accident and sickness insurance

Group Provides:

  • Transportation to and from Pathfinder Ranch
  • Direct adult supervision of students at all times, including overnight in the cabins
  • Cooperation in maintaining facility cleanliness during stay and upon departure
  • Appropriate preparation for cold weather, heat, home sickness, and behavior


Pathfinder Ranch provides secondary accident and sickness coverage through American Income Life Insurance Company for all participants of the Outdoor Education Program. This insurance covers injuries or sickness which may occur at the Ranch, but will not cover previously existing conditions. If costs exceed the primary coverage, the remainder will be billed to the parents and/or their insurance.