Update: At this time, we are still attempting to offer the CILT and Junior Counselor offerings. If possible, we will add one or more sessions. If you would like to be notified directly of any available teen leadership options, please email info@pathfinderranch.com.


The Summer Camp Teen Leadership Program is made up of two steps:  Campers in Leadership Training, or CILTs, and the Junior Counselors, or JCs.

The overall goal of the Teen Program is to encourage the development skills and goals in young adults and to provide them with opportunities to test themselves and build confidence.

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Campers In Leadership Training (CILTs)
The goal of the CILT program is to introduce campers to new  skills and ideas  that they can use at camp and at home. Tuition for the same price as our camper fees. 

The program is a 1 week experience the allows campers to get a taste for additional responsibilities while still taking part in our traditional summer camp activities. This program is for campers looking to learn more about leadership, camp life, planning and prepping camp programs  and themselves. Each CILT will be placed in a cabin with campers whom are at least 2 years younger, and are mentored by both their cabin counselor and the Teen Program Mentor, who works with both the CILTs and the JCs. CILTs will learn how to facilitate games, be a positive role model, recognize acts of bullying, and have the opportunity to practice these skills.

 The training involves many aspects of camp life with hands-on experience assisting counselors in supervising and instructing campers. It is meant to provide campers with an introduction to group management, leadership, being a role model, and taking initiative.

What is it really?

The CILT program is centered around daily lessons and a pull out program. Some of their responsibilities will be: assisting with our Farm and Garden care, setting up/ tearing down the dance party, distributing the lost and found, and operating our camp store.

What are the qualifications and expectations for CILTs?

Have completed their freshman year of High School and be responsible role models
Willing to contribute to a positive environment

Want to be a part of the CILT program? That’s great. You’ll need to have your parent or guardian reserve your spot here.

Tuition assistance is available to those who qualify. Click here for more information on summer camp scholarships

Junior Counselors (JCs)
Junior Counselors (JCs) will be taught a range of skills, including: appropriate supervision and discipline methods; camper age characteristics; leadership styles; job search pointers; and age appropriate program development. JCs will also be trained in some aspects of retail management by taking responsibility for running the camp store, the Trading Post. This will involve taking inventory and tallying up the daily sales. Our JCs are an integral part of our overall summer camp program. They provide a valuable service to our camp while learning new and challenging concepts. Due to their direct involvement with our campers, it is imperative that all candidates be extremely responsible role models, as well as highly motivated individuals. There is no fee for this training program and there is also no salary. Room and board is provided. Of course, no price tag can be put on such a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and having such a fun camp experience. We require a minimum commitment of two consecutive weeks. We need this length of time to ensure top quality training and the chance for all JCs to put their training into practice.

JCs will stay in cabins under the supervision of a cabin counselor and will help with the overall care and well being of their cabin. 

Junior Counselor qualifications and expectations:

Have completed either Sophomore year of high school or the CILT program
Have a high personal moral & ethical standards and conduct
Have a sincere interest in working with children in an outdoor setting
Be a good role model for campers
Have the ability to accept guidance and supervision
Effectively communicate with one’s peers
Adhere to rules and policies
Have enthusiasm, patience, initiative and sense of humor!
Attend all training sessions during camp
Complete all assignments before camp and between camp sessions
Assist cabin counselors with supervision of campers
Assist program instructors with activity facilitation
Assist in camp trading post
Participate in service projects relating to camp program, facilities, and grounds

How to apply:

The first step on the path to becoming a Junior Counselor is having your parent or legal guardian fill out the Application Consent Form
After we have received a signed Application Consent Form, you will be emailed a link for Junior Counselor Application.
Once we have received all of your application materials, we will set up a time for a phone or video call for an interview.
That’s it! You will know if you are accepted into the program within a week of your interview.