Counselor-in-Training (CIT) programs are fantastic opportunities for teenagers to gain valuable leadership skills and experience while having a blast at summer camp. These programs are typically designed for campers ages 15-17, and they offer a unique blend of traditional camp activities with leadership training and mentorship opportunities. This 2 week program for the price of one, is a great opportunity for any teen looking to work at Pathfinder Ranch. Click the button to learn more.


Applicants will fill out an interest form Here

After a breif phone interview the applicants will be given a code to sign up for the 2 weeks of their choosing. 


Cost: $900 for 2 weeks of camp. CIT’s must attend both sessions to qualify. 

Note: CIT’s must still leave between sessions. Picked up Saturday by 12 noon and dropped off Monday by 10am.

Counselor In Training (CITs)

The goal of the CIT program is to introduce campers to new  skills and ideas  that they can use at camp and at home. Tuition for the same price as our camper fees.

The program is a 2 week experience the allows campers to get a taste for additional responsibilities while still taking part in our traditional summer camp activities. This program is for campers looking to learn more about leadership, camp life, planning and prepping camp programs  and themselves. Each CIT will be placed in a cabin with campers whom are at least 2 years younger, and are mentored by both their cabin counselor and the Teen Program Mentor, who works with the CIT’s. CIT’s will learn how to facilitate games, be a positive role model, recognize acts of bullying, and have the opportunity to practice these skills.

The training involves many aspects of camp life with hands-on experience assisting counselors in supervising and instructing campers. It is meant to provide campers with an introduction to group management, leadership, being a role model, and taking initiative.

What is it really?

The Cit program is centered around daily lessons and a pull out program. Some of their responsibilities will be: assisting with our Farm and Garden care, setting up/ tearing down the dance party, distributing the lost and found, and operating our camp store.

What are the qualifications and expectations for CIT?

Ages 15-17

Want to be a part of the CIT program? That’s great. Fill out your interest HERE

Tuition assistance is available to those who qualify. Click here for more information on summer camp scholarships