Vaccination Position Statement

California law requires all children enrolled in state schools, both public and private, to have certain doctor-recommended immunizations, or receive them when they enroll.

When enrolling your child in Pathfinder Ranch Summer Camp, we ask that you confirm MMR vaccination dates as a requirement of the registration process. If your child has a valid medical or personal belief exemption, he/she may still attend camp under the following conditions: 1) submit a signed liability waiver and 2)provide a doctor signed Physical Form indicating that the child has undergone a physical exam within one week of attending and is able to safely participate.  Please read camp participation materials and requirements carefully.

Guests attending programs sponsored by Rental Groups (such as Outdoor Education, Rental Camps and Retreats) are not under the direct supervision or authority of Pathfinder Ranch and should contact their sponsoring Group regarding vaccination requirements. Groups renting the facilities are encouraged to have some level of MMR vaccination screening as well as a policy addressing vaccination requirements for participation. Pathfinder Ranch will report any suspected virus related risks associated with any attending Rental Group members to the primary Group contact as well as the Department of Health. Rental Group participants are encouraged to ask their Group about all policies and procedures applicable to their visit.

Regardless of the program sponsor, if a guest leaves the site due to an identified or suspected communicable health issue, Pathfinder Ranch reserves the right to require a signed approval from a licensed doctor to return to the site.