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“The King of Mischief” 

Dakota’s name pays tribute to the Sioux Nation. He is the token younger brother of the Pathfinder herd and he is always trying to stir up mischief. Dakota enjoys wrestling with Guibo and grazing on our pasture with Dime . 

Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding 

Born 2007

Red Cloud

“The Narcoleptic” 

Named after the Chief & War Leader of the Oglala Lakota Tribe, Red Cloud, who helped to create the treaty of 1868 to establish the Great Sioux Reservation. Red loves spending his days basking in the sun and sleeping at the hay feeders. 

Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding

Born 2005


“The Dazzling Daydreamer” 

Powder has a very curious nature, which often causes her to daydream and wander around. Her unique coloring is a product of her breed, creating a spotted marbled look. Powder loves scratches on her shoulders and hanging out with her buddy Guibo.

Roan Appaloosa Mare 

Born 2005


“The Sensitive, Sassy Lassie”

Brix has a very unique marking known as a “medicine cap” paint due to the brown spot that covers her ears and poll. Brix is kindhearted and enjoys spending her free time munching on the sweetest hay with her BFF, Charlie. 

Sorrel Paint Mare

Born 2000


“Captain Chatterbox” 

His short and strong stature makes for a super smooth ride! Poppy is one of our friendliest animals and is regularly nickering at his human friends. Sometimes known as the “Barbie Dream Horse” due to his beautiful long mane and tail.

Palomino Haflinger/ Quarter Horse Cross Gelding

Born 2001


“The New Girl”

Olivia is the newest addition to the herd, after a generous donation from a community member. She is a sweet and quiet girl who loves getting groomed and eating treats. Her long legs make for a super smooth and fun ride. We are excited to see how Olivia blossoms! 

Sorrel Warmblood Mare

Born 2000


“The Limousine” 

Biscuit’s long legs and body has earned the endearing nickname of “limo”. He is our messiest eater and can be found dunking all of his hay into his water bucket to make a yummy soup. His name pays tribute to the famous racehorse “Seabiscuit”.

Sorrel Paint Gelding 

Born 2002


“The Humble and Kind Spirit”

Tumbleweed loves to cuddle with a sweet and gentle nature. His luxuriously long mane often turns into dreadlocks or “tumbleweeds” between brushings. Often a favorite due to his coloring, Tumbleweed resembles the horse in the movie “Spirit”. 

Buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding

Born 2001


“The Queen Bee” 

Mariah reigns over her horse subjects with grace and loyalty. Being one of the most experienced horses at Pathfinder, she is excellent at showing first time riders a fun time out on the trail. Mariah occasionally makes an appearance as our resident unicorn!

Grey Arabian Mare

Born 1995


“The Mountain Canary”

Have you heard her sing?! Since her retirement from the Los Angeles Police Department, Ebony has become a favorite among staff and clients. She is easy to tell apart from the other herd members with ridiculously long ears!

Black Molly Mule (Female ½ horse, ½ donkey) 

Born 1995


 “The Resident SeaHorse”

Queenie loves all things water! Her favorite summertime activities include getting sprayed with the hose and splashing around in the water troughs. During the winter months, she enjoys making snow angels in the fresh powder. 

Black Tennessee Walker Mare

Born 2000


“Chief Peppermint Connoisseur” 

Charlie is the alpha among the herd, leading the group to thrive over the years. Always the first to investigate new things and ensures the hay is of top notch quality! For his riders, Charlie is slow and steady, a true gentleman. 

Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding

Born 2000


“The Mighty Mouse” 

Small but mighty, Irish has a big personality and loves to play with the other geldings on cool mornings. When he is not working, he loves hanging out alongside his best friend Queenie. 

Black Quarter Pony Gelding 

Born 2003


“The Half Blind Caper” 

A master of shenanigans, Dollar regularly investigates your pockets searching for treats. Despite being blind in his right eye, Dollar is a steady and calm horse, who loves to play with Irish while waiting for rides on his favorite trail. 

Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding

Born 2008


“The Queen of Mischief” 

Being the youngest, she is often trying to get the others to play around with her. She can be found playing chase with Guibo and Dakota on cooler days. Dime attended Feather River College with our Equine Program Coordinator Kamren

Bay Quarter Horse Mare 

Born 2017


“The Sassy Sentry” 

Being the smallest member does not stop this sass master from being an active member of the herd. Guibo has the important job of “sounding the alarm” to maintain peace and safety around the farm and barn area. Guibo loves to wrestle with his best bud Dakota. 

Miniature Donkey Gelding

Born 1996

Betsy’s Farm

Our educational farm isn’t just a petting zoo, it’s an immersive animal experience! Be a friend, not just a visitor, as you learn their daily needs, build enriching activities, and even get your hands dirty caring for these lovable residents. Uncover the heart and science behind keeping our farmyard family thriving!  


These two Alpacas are part of the camelid family, which includes Llamas and Camels. They are Huacaya Alpacas, which are known for their short crimped fleece coats. Alpacas are also utilizes as guardian animals in livestocks herds, as they watch out for danger and make an alarm sound to spread the word to others.

Charlie Brown & Linus


These goats love hopping around their enclosure, looking for food, and getting lots of scratches. Beau is a Fainting goat, which means when he gets excited his muscles contract, causing him to “faint” or to have stiff legs. Izzy is an Alpine goat, so climbing is her favorite activity

Izzy and Beau


Our three Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs love munching on fruit and vegetable scraps from our dining hall and rolling in big mud puddles on hot, sunny days. If you scratch in just the right place, they will flop over to make sure you don’t miss a spot!

Betty, Harriet and Ziggy


Our funny flock of birds will keep you on your toes and laughing! They enjoys wandering around Pathfinder during the day and will often join our students’ classes at horseback riding or at the garden. With all the different breeds, you can find several different colors of eggs in the nesting boxes.