Recreational Facilities

  • Lied Lake

    Lied Lake

    Newly remodeled Lied Lake offers canoeing, pond exploration, and a leisurely spot to enjoy the mountains. The lake is a fun, safe environment for children and adults who have never canoed, or who just want to take a relaxing paddle around the island.

    The cattail-filled oxbow is full of aquatic life, and is perfect for pond study. The area features picnic tables and gazebos, and is equipped with accessible paths, footbridges and restrooms.

  • Stack Climbing Wall

    Adventure Programming

    Pathfinder Ranch currently has four different climbing elements for standard programming use. The National Forest site offers a real rock climbing experience and it is known as Sunburst. The Climbing Wall, Alpine Tower, and Indoor Traverse Wall are man-made elements all located within the Pathfinder Ranch camp.


    The Pathfinder Ranch Climbing Wall is located across from the Archery Range near Lied Lake on Pathfinder’s property. The Climbing Wall is a 30 ft tall man-made, wooden structure which can accommodate two climbers at a given time. The Climbing Wall is outfitted with a variety of permanent and removable climbing holds to assist participants in their ascent of the wall. The two “routes” have some unique differences but they are considered to be at the same level of difficulty.


    The Alpine Tower is a versatile, 50 ft, hourglass tower utilizing two interlocking tripods. The Alpine Tower design provides ropes course experiences for individuals and small groups, allows programs to teach the basics of rock climbing and mountaineering techniques, and offers a wide variety of group problem solving initiatives at the Tower’s base. The Alpine Tower height and route options allow for challenges and variations to meet the needs of a diverse range of people, and provide participants with a ropes course that may be revisited many times.


    Inside of Pathfinder’s Conference Center (a.k.a. the Rock & Rec. Room) is the Indoor Traverse Wall which is outfitted with a diverse selection of permanent climbing holds. The wall is designed to allow participants to work on their climbing skills at a safe height without using ropes and harnesses (those familiar with recreational rock climbing would consider the Indoor Traverse Wall a bouldering wall). Beneath the wall are gymnastic floor mats that provide cushion in the event that a climber falls off of the wall, but climbers should never attempt to work on the wall without proper spotters present.

  • Donner Archery Range

    Donner Archery Range

    The Donner Archery Range features a sheltered shooting and seating area. This allows all participants to comfortably shoot or look on even during a spring shower or in the hot summer sun.

  • Pathfinder Pool

    Pathfinder Pool

    Pathfinder Pool is open May-September, and is a great way to cool down during the hot summer months. At 70′ long by 30′ wide, it can accommodate dozens of swimmers. With depths of 3 to 5 feet, it’s perfect for kids and families.

  • Fort Pathfinder

    Fort Pathfinder

    Recently remodeled, Fort Pathfinder is an outdoor amphitheater with a fire ring in the center and a raised stage up front. It is the perfect site for a group campfire or presentation. We have had many wonderful programs during our Summer Camp and Outdoor Education seasons and are sure that your group will have just as much fun and enjoy it just as we have.

  • Pathfinder Horse Shelter

    Pathfinder Horse Shelter & Riding Program

    Pathfinder Ranch maintains its riding program on a twelve-month schedule, enabling us to always have guest friendly horses available.

    Our horses are recruited with the beginning rider as our number one priority. We pride ourselves in enabling riders to gain equestrian confidence.